Quirky Gaijin

Quirky Gaijin is an online facebook store which design customized cute and adorable phone cases for all types. Quirky Gaijin also known for their 'whipped cream' cases including cupcakes, strawberries, ice creams, donuts and Hello Kitty face designs, which are super girly for those who like cuteness overload!!

Although, I was after for something more chic and simple so I asked if the owner (Cathy) can customized a design for me which is inspired by the Marc Jacobs daisy flowers. 
Cathy was very helpful and sweet therefore it was very easy to communicate with her and plan out the design. She frequently updated me on the process of making my phone case and postage was very fast too! 

I love my new phone case! I've been on the hunt for this type of design for an S3 for the longest time and I was so excited when I found out Quirky Gaijin can do customized designs. My package was sent out at the beginning of the week and I received it today. I liked it how she wrapped everything so neatly and secure, I also adore the packaging. 
Inside there was a note for me, cute stickers and spare flowers and pearls that Cathy gave me extra just in case any of the accessories falls off. I really liked how she also used bubble wrap for the case she definitely
put in a lot of effort :D
I love the new look that the case gives my phone now and I also want to Thank Quirky Gaijin for customizing my case and Cathy for being such a sweetheart for designing it for me. 
If you want to check out her page here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/quirkygaijin01
and if you like to show your support please give the page a thumbs up!

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