New year, new updates

Hi all, sorry for being M.I.A.
A lot has happened to me since the beginning of the year. A few sad stories but a few really good ones.
Lets just stick to the really good ones! I recently auditioned for a local hiphop dance film  in February, rocking up to the audition alone was so nerve racking because I knew there will be some very good dancers there. When it all ended I thought I will just be part of the movie as an extra.. turns out I got  the supporting role!!! 
I was over the moon and was so thrilled, we've already started learning lines and being on set already. I really enjoy working with the director and the actors on set, they're such awesome people! Even though it's a low budget film I think it'll turn out to be something people will enjoy! :DDD

Anyways , I got asked to do some modelling for Ruihan's Coco Beauty shop here are some behind the scenes and the edited ones! I love working with her she's so generous and so organized. Not to mentioned all the cute beauty products she has <3  
Hope  you all enjoy the photo! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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