Lens review: Princess Flower- GEO WT-B9x series

GEO WT-B9x - Brown

Company: GEO Medical Co Ltd
Diameter: 15mm

Design & Color
I love these brown ones! The color when its in the contact case looked a bit orange and I was so worried. But this became my top two favorite out of this batch. It reminds me of the princess Mimi cafe Almond brown ones I already own but the brown is more intense! The color suits me very well and I love how natural it looks in day light and in flash/night time. You can't really see the dainty lace details of the lenses while wearing them, which is a pity but they are very natural. I love the cute and dolly appeal it gives off as well as the color.
These were so comfortable I could wear them all day! 
I love the enlargement and I think it suits well with this particular brown. I would also wear some false lashes for a flirty and feminine look! Overall I was really happy how it looks on.

All lenses are sponsored by-http://www.facebook.com/adelaide.geolenses

All lenses are sponsored by-http://www.facebook.com/adelaide.geolenses

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